It’s Headed Straight Towards Us

Jonathan Church Theatre Productions and RJG Productions in association with Park Theatre

It’s Headed Straight Towards Us

Two actors, stuck in a trailer on the side of a volcano, in Iceland. The glacier is melting, the volcano is active. Bitter rivalries emerge between fussy ‘bit part’ actor Hugh Delavois (Samuel West) and fading Hollywood bad boy Gary Savage (Rufus Hound), going back to their time at college together, as the film they are meant to be working on collapses around them and the trailer they are in begins to slip. An avalanche wipes out the only escape road and the only bridge to safety subsides into the ravine.    

Stuck with them is 21-year-old Leela, the runner on the film, and supposed seismology expert. As their arguments and point-scoring become increasingly fractious, it is down to Leela to contain their petty squabbles and prepare them for the possibility that they may not get out of this alive.   

Acclaimed theatre director Rachel Kavanaugh directs multi-award-winning actors, Rufus Hound and Samuel West in this quirky, surprisingly tender, laugh out loud comedy. 

It’s Headed Straight Towards Us is written by British actor-comedians Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer, who rose to fame in TV comedies The Comic Strip Presents, and the BAFTA award-winning cult classic The Young Ones.

It’s Headed Straight Towards Us plays at the Park Theatre Wed 13 September  - Fri 20 October 2023