The Dresser

The Dresser

Ronald Harwood's classic play

Directed by Sean Foley

‘I loved this Dresser!’
Daily Mail
‘A brilliant, near-faultless production’
Sunday Express

Olivier-Award winner Ken Stott and BAFTA Award-winner Reece Shearsmith come together as lead actor ‘Sir’ and Norman, his dresser, in this eagerly awaited revival of ‘a wonderfully affectionate and intelligent play about the theatre’ The Guardian.

Both hilarious and poignant, The Dresser explores the relationship between two men who are reluctantly and inevitably co-dependent. As World War II rages, backstage in a provincial English theatre, an ageing, once-famous classical actor is troubled. Sir, the last in a dying breed of great English Shakespearean actors, is unwilling to take to the stage to deliver his renowned portrayal of King Lear. It falls to his faithful dresser Norman to rouse another great performance from him, to keep both the show and its star from falling apart.

Photography: Hugo Glendinning